Picture it.

You’re standing in an elevator. You’re thinking: “Oh great, twenty stories and I have to be awkwardly silent next to this random guy. O WAIT!! I know this guy…..who is he…… O come on…. I know this…… YES! He’s that hot shot producer from the 15th floor! He’s probably a good guy to know.” 

Well are you just going to stand there and let him leave without knowing your name? NO! You’re going to tell him exactly who you are and why he should be listening. 

Well I’ve written down exactly what I’d say if this time ever comes.
Here’s my elevator pitch:


Let’s be honest; anyone can be a “singer” these days, but not everyone has the training, patience, strength, and talent that a vocalist must have. Hi, I’m Spencer Corbett and I’m a classical vocalist who has gained these traits through years and years of experience just because I love to perform on stage and make an audience feel something through the music, such as melancholy, sheer happiness, or even goosebumps.  Have you felt that listening to a song on the radio can immediately change your entire day? My goal is to make sure through my work as a vocalist that the audience leaves the stressors of the world behind and becomes completely enticed by the feeling and passion of the music. I pride myself on my ability to take criticism and work from it, and also the ability to sing a piece and adapt the musicality to become something entirely unique.  So if you ever want to escape from the real world and hear something you have never heard before, just give me a call.