Yesterday, my roommate and I finally got a chance to “formally” lay down some ground rules and evaluate exactly how our living style was going. Luckily for both of us, we both are pretty laid back if you ask me. Well any way, while we were filling out our survey I actually had to think about how I like to live my life. When do I like to sleep? Do I mind when people borrow my things? Am I confrontational? And also how do I like to study?


Living at home studying and practicing was simple. My parents forced me to do it. As much as that might have sucked, it got the job done. I would sit at a large mahogany desk in our study and I couldn’t leave till I was done. Which was hard for a girl like me who suffers from severe Attention Deficit Disorder.


I always noticed how hard school was for me and how difficult it was to sit in one spot for hours on end. I was finally diagnosed my sophomore as the doctor said she had no clue how I could even go to school with a condition as severe as mine. 


I now have a very distinct learning and working style.  I learn best while listening and doing. I’m a terrible reader and writer (which you may have noticed by now.) I thrive in math and science because I can actually do the things I was learning about. And finally I became a singer because I could simply listen to any song and sing it spot on right back.


Although I love to sing and perform in front of a large audience, I despise practicing in front of one. I mostly practice in the shower or when I’m home alone. My friends often bug me about how I never sing for them. Uhhh my bad I just find it awkward. But this is one thing I’ve had to change while I’m in college. There’s not much privacy to be had and the work is ten times more vigorous. This has surely encouraged my self-confidence in my gift. I hope to increase my work habits while at school simply because if I didn’t there’s no chance I could ever be successful in the real world.


The roommate survey made me examine how I work. I finally identified how comfortable I am with schoolwork and also practicing vocally.  So yup, that about does it. Now I better go find a quiet place to get to work on these habits.